Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HandmadeNews.org Inspiration Department - Getting to Know Us

Today I would like to introduce you to April Monds, a columnist for the Inspiration Section of HandmadeNews.org. April is a mother of two who is currently engaged to be married. She is also a homemaker who loves to create. That is why she opened Creative Haven and became involved in the Handmade Community.

Her shop is named after her daughter, Haven Skye. She has a passion for handmade, unique, creative items of all sorts, colors, shapes and sizes. She is always trying something new and different, mainly because she just want to knows how to do it.
April says she has a bit of of Crafter’s A.D.D. and has decided to share her favorite things with the entire world.

In addition to her jewelry shop, April also runs a supply shop named Creative Supplies. She has some wonderful deals there, too.


Jennifer said...

"getting to know us"... what a great idea!!

Mary said...
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