Monday, June 15, 2009 Inspiration Department - Getting to Know Us Part 4

Today I would like to introduce you to Lori Ward. She is a columnist in the Inspiration Department as well as the editor of the new Crafty Kids Department on

As you can tell, Lori stays extremely busy. She also contributes to VivaLaMode, an online handmade fashion magazine, and has two blogs - Risky Beads and Lefthand Madens. Risky Beads is a general blog where you can access all of Lori's other sites. Lefthand Madens is a blog she started for left-handed crafters and artisans since she is one herself.

Lori also has an ArtFire shop called Risky Beads. She has some beautiful jewelry available there. Her latest pieces have the theme of "succotash".

Please visit the sites above to see Lori's work.