Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a Great Day!

I love reading blogs and today I was honored to have my items included in two wonderful features.

The first is Wanderlust Bling. This is a great blog and has a feature that runs each week called "Thursday Temptations" which features handmade items from various artists.

The second is Kraftouch Treasures. This blog has a feature called "Star of the Day" which features interviews with artisans.

These are both great blogs & both do their part to support the artists who make handcrafted items. Please check them out and a big thank you to both for including me!


kraftouchtreasures said...

It has been a pleasure having you in my "Garden of Talented Artist" aka "Star of the Day"

kraftouchtreasures said...

Can I add you in my new Spring posting, I call it "Garden of Talented Artist"?