Friday, April 17, 2009

A Bit of Cheer to Brighten Your Day

I love small zipper pouches. I use them for everything - makeup, jewelry making tools, crochet needles, change, my daughter's small toys, and the list goes on. Most of the pouches I find are rather plain, but occasionally I run across a few that have a bit of personality.

Imagine my delight when I found an entire store of pouches with personality! DJStoreroom on ArtFire offers beautiful, cheerful, bright pouches along with her other great items. Here is a bit about the artist in her own words:

"DjStoreRoom is registered in Singapore as a sole-prop business in 2009 Febuary and operated by myself, a work-from-home-mother. I operate my business daily, from Monday to Friday ending at 6pm each day to focus on my family, marriage, child, friends and other commitments. Setting goals and priorities is important to me as I seek to bring forth my greatest potential and courage in achieving sweet victory and showing magnificent actual proof in my life.

Handmade Treasures by DjStoreRoom is my creative outlet where my handmade bags and crafts are being sold. Crafting and sewing allows me to focus on my hands and my projects, and it makes my happy which in turns fuels more passion for creating.

Sharing tutorials for sewing bags and more helps to create value for others while creating value for my own growth."

Please take a look at her store today and see what you can find to brighten your day.