Monday, April 6, 2009

I Dreamed

I would like to share a lovely poem I came across on the internet today. Amy of AmyDesigns wrote this lovely poem about her son and is running a special in her shop on Tuesday, April 7th. Please read on after the poem for details.

I Dreamed


Amy Cavaness

I dreamed he'd be born beautiful and healthy.

He was.

I dreamed he'd tell me that he loves me.

He tells me every day.

I dreamed he'd be bright and funny.

He is - his humor is wonderful.

I dreamed he'd ride a bike, catch a ball and wrestle with his big brother.

He does and his brother loves it.

I dreamed he'd have big birthday parties with lots of friends and cake and presents.

He's had six.

I dreamed he'd one day get on a bus and go to kindergarten.

He did it yesterday - my heart full of love and my eyes full of tears.

I dreamed he'd make us proud.

He has, and he's inspired us.

Dean has Down Syndrome.

I never dreamed that.

"It's been 15 years since I wrote this poem. Dean turns 21 on April 7, 2009 and I couldn't have dreamed what kind of man he'd become. He's still funny, he's very bright, and he still loves cake. He continues to make us proud. I continue to be grateful for his presence in our lives. And I love him dearly.

In honor of Dean's 21st birthday on Tuesday, April 7, I will donate 100% of my sales to the National Association for Down Syndrome. This organization offers wonderful support to parents and their kids, and we were so glad we found them when Dean was born."


In addition to Amy's generous sale, James of Birdy Knits had this to say:

"In support of Amy and her endevor, for every sale she makes on the 7th of April, we will send her an additional $5 to help with her support. So if you can find it in yourself to purchase one of her lovely items Birdy's Knits will kick in an additional $5 per item sold on April 7th from AmyDesigns, no limit! That's our Birthday gift to Dean.

We wish you the best Birthday Yet Dean!

--James of Birdy's Knits"


So if you find the time, please visit Amy's shop by clicking here and help support a wonderful cause. You don't even need to become an ArtFire member to purchase an item. Thanks.

Some items from AmyDesigns:

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jinx1764 said...

What a wonderful idea! Happy Birthday to Dean and I'm off to go shopping right now!