Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ready for a Laugh?

I love a good laugh. When I first saw a magnet by Picard Creative, I had to go to her shop and look around. Some of the magnets are quirky and some represent works of art or Hollywood stars, but most are just plain hilarious.

The following bio was taken from Picard Creative on ArtFire:

"I am a mom of a teenage boy-(he is the love of my life) I live with him, my boyfriend (sometimes, when I like him) and my 2 crazy cats- Oreo and Lilly.

I own a brick and mortar shop called "The Cats Meow" it is a super cool shop which features many, many handmade items.

I am also a graphic designer and altered art/collage artist. My goal is to transition into being more of an artist/creator of fun things- I love my store, yet business is not so hot right now- so I need mulitiple streams of income. Plus, I am so creative and hyper that I cannot just sit in the shop all day doing nothing! lol

My greatest hope is that you find a smile or 2 in my shop and choose to purchase my items to share a laugh or smile."

The first of Picard's magnets I fell in love with was this one, which my family members agree was made just for me.

When I looked at others in her shop, I decided that most of them were absolutely priceless. A few more of my favorites are below.

With so many great magnets to choose from, you may find it difficult to pick a favorite. So if you are up for a laugh, please visit Picard Creative.